Ian Benjamin Roth

2000-2001 Regional Aleph Godol (RAG)

Ian was elected the Regional Aleph Godol (RAG) of the North Texas-Oklahoma (NTO) Region of AZA during the NTO Regional Convention held at the Hilton Hotel at DFW Airport December 26-28.  The Regional Aleph Godol, or RAG, is the highest regional position obtainable.  Ian is a member of Morton Lewis AZA #135.  Ian will lead the region during the next year.  Ian will represent his region on the national AZA and BBYO level.

Ian is fully qualified for this job.  His qualifications include:

Positions Held BBYO Programming Other Qualifications
  • AIT Godol (Oct. 1998-Dec. 1998)
  • Chapter Gizbor (Jan. 1999-May 1999)
  • Chapter Recording Mazkir (May 1999-Jan. 2000)
  • Chapter Godol (Jan. 2000-June 2000)
  • Chapter Moreh (June 2000-Present)
  • Chapter Shaliach (CLTC II 1999)
  • Chapter Nom Chair (Jan. 2000-Mar. 2000)
  • Football Captain (1998, 1999)
  • MIT/AIT Convention (1998)
  • Lewis Retreat Planning Committee (1998)
  • Regional Convention (1998)
  • Leadership Training Institute (1999)
  • CLTC II-Chapter Sh'liach (1999)
  • Chapter Helping Chapters Committee (1999)
  • Regional Convention (1999)
  • BBYO 36-Day Outdoor Adventure Israel Trip (2000)
  • Henry Monsky Award App. Committee (2000)
  • National Honor Society
  • National Beta Club
  • Confirmed by Beth Torah Religious School
  • Henry Monsky Award (1998, 1999)
  • Pearce Student Council Member (1999)

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